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Executive Summary

Senior IT management professional with over 18 years of application development experience and exceptional agile design and development skills currently searching for a senior management role in Enterprise Architecture or Product Engineering where my ability to interpret business and strategy into understandable and actionable directives is needed to move the organization forward. The ideal role has the ability to set direction, provide leadership, and influence the organization in continuous and measurable progress towards the strategic direction with quantifiable value to the company. The ideal company will view technology as an enabler to business success when designed and implemented according to sound strategic and architectural direction

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Professional Experience

Fallon Health

2008 – Present

Ed was hired as a principal developer to Fallon Health’s application development team. One year later, he was promoted to manage and lead a team of 12 , and three years after that a department of over 30 individuals. Ed lead his team through several high profile development projects - including the development of a Find a Doctor web application, the implementation of Trizetto QNXT, Pega Systems PCS and SAHC, as well as several system integrations. In addition, Ed has faciliated the adoption of Agile development practices, continuous integration and automated testing.

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September 2004 – March 2007

In 2004, SurfControl went through a reorganization that saw a reduction of workforce by 1/3. In order to remain competitive in the top echelon of the security software market, sales needed to go up and costs needed to go down. For the Application Development department that meant finding ways to customize faster and cheaper with less staff. Ed was hired to bring an object oriented design and programming focus to a green .NET development team.

Over the next two years Ed focused on building a stable and flexible code base that lends itself to change. He developed an automated build and delivery process and mentored the team into applying unit testing practices and a Scrum methodology. He lead several high profile software projects: the migration to a new content management system, the rewrite of the 24x7 "live update" content service, and the upgrade of the online quoting system using C# and BizTalk 2004.

[More Info] [websense.com]


01/2004 – 07/2004

Over a five-year span, SAIC’s internal application development team built a homegrown project and contract management application using classic ASP and a handful of 3rd party components. They enjoyed great success with their product, and were being looked at by corporate as a standard for the entire company (worldwide). Which would mean 24 new installs in the upcoming year. In order to make this move, a strategic decision was made to rewrite the application in ASP.NET using C#. Ed was hired to design the base class libraries for this new application. And help support the existing classic ASP application through this transition.

Six weeks later, Ed delivered a prototype of a bug/enhancement tracking application that featured several well-known design patterns for data access, object persistence, and several utility and service functions. Ed also performed numerous customizations of their classic ASP application.

[More Info] [saic.com]


03/2003 – 04/2003

Medikinetics was seeking a Java developer to build some administrative web pages to allow their clients to manage their artwork portfolios online. Ed was hired to build the entire web application, which consisted of about 20 Java Server Pages, a MySQL database, and a handful of plain old Java objects.

[More Info] [medikinetics.com]


09/2002 – 12/2003

JNJ had spent twelve months scoping and defining a custom application development project that would allow their employees to submit computer related service requests from their company intranet. This application would allow for thirteen different service request types, each with their own approval process and workflow, as well as a fairly complex searching and reporting facility. Ed was hired to develop the entire web application from scratch using ColdFusion MX, Flash MX, Javascript, HTML, and SQL Server 2000.

Three weeks later, Ed delivered the first prototype, and eight weeks after that the first version of the application was released. Through the remainder of his tenure at JNJ, Ed developed several other web applications including an asset management application, an online file archival and retrieval application, and a Biology experiment tracking application. Ed also performed customizations to several of their existing intranet applications.

[More Info] [jnj.com]


08/2001 – 05/2002

Selling Shows, Inc. had a unique idea that would revolutionize the trade show industry. They wanted to build a web infrastructure that would allow companies to manage their trade shows online, and to facilitate commerce (thus the name "Selling" shows) at the event. Ed was hired on to design and build a comprehensive self–service B2B web application that explicitly targets the needs of Selling Show’s customers while increasing efficiency and productivity, using the iCentrix Framework, ASP, and SQL Server 2000. Today Selling Shows manages the promotion and sales of over $100 Million in product for more then five thousand customers and affiliates, using this new web application. They remain one of the fastest growing small businesses in the U.S.

[More Info] [sellingshows.com]


06/2001 – 08/2001

Project managers at WFI manage and administrate their projects using a homegrown project management application that was built by their internal IT department. This application consists of about 2,000+ Active Server Pages that sit on top of an Oracle 8i database. Six months after the release of this application, WFI was faced with a critical problem: Due to a recent surge of users and projects, average page loads had risen to five to ten seconds per page. That is, with every mouse click, a project manager had to wait between five to ten seconds to see their results.

Ed was brought on to the application development team as an expert in performance tuning with a specialty in Active Server Pages and Oracle. Less then three months later, he got the page load times back between one to two seconds where they belonged. His involvement in the project included restructuring SQL statements, porting ASP–SQL to PL/SQL Cursors and Stored Procedures, adding indexes and referential integrity to the Oracle database where appropriate, and tuning some of Oracle's inherent memory and storage components.

[More Info] [wfinet.com]


01/2001 – 06/2001

Ed was one of two contractors hired by HNC to assist their application development team in building a software application that would feed their predictive systems with credit card data gathered from their two biggest financial customers: First USA and Citi Bank. This new application was to replace their old flat–file manipulating C programs that literally took months to develop, and were a complete throw away after they were executed. By comparison, this new application took less then six hours to accomplish the same job.

Ed’s involvement with this project started with the definition and requirements gathering phase and ended after the application was up and running. He built the Oracle 8i database schema and all the related database objects, wrote the PL/SQL code that comprised the business logic, as well as the SQL Loader scripts necessary for the data feeds. Ed also built a quick and simple reporting application using ColdFusion 4.5.

[More Info] [hnc.com] [bought by fair issac in 2001]


07/2000 – 12/2000

Error processing SSI file

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01/2000 – 06/2000

BarterTrust acquired Noblestar’s services to shape their call center functions and implement Siebel. Ed was a Sr. Consultant at Noblestar at the time, and was brought on to implement two interfaces out of Siebel: one for sending e–mail, and another for sending faxes. Both of these interfaces required extensive work in Visual Basic 6 and COM. While at BarterTrust, Ed also performed a VSI–FAX implementation, three separate Siebel installations (Solaris), an Oracle installation, and some administrative and support tasks.

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07/1999 – 01/2000

Dana Corporation was having major performance problems with their BaaN IVc2 ERP system that was costing the company millions of dollars. A single MRP/MPS run took over forty hours to run on an eight–way HP server! This meant that Dana couldn’t perform these runs daily which was a major problem for their manufacturing plant.

Ed was brought on to Dana’s corporate IT department as an expert in performance tuning with a specialty in BaaN and Oracle. By the time Ed left this project, he had reduced the run–time of the troubled job to less then five hours! He also tuned the SQL statements in several BaaN sessions to achieve a 100+ fold increase in performance, and created a web site to automate performance statistic gathering and analysis for future tuning projects.

[More Info] [dana.com]


10/1997 – 06/1999

Safety 1st was experiencing some growing panes. A quick spike in earnings and number of employees triggered a series of ongoing problems that plagued the operations and IT infrastructure of this small–cap company. The most noticeable problems revolved around their Foxpro 2.6 DOS based accounting and inventory control application. Safety 1st had bumped up against several physical limitations of the DOS 16–bit operating system, and had to perform daily maintenance as a result, which was cumbersome and error prone. Further, this application provided no facility for any kind of planning or forecasting, which are critical functions to a growing distribution center.

A strategic decision was made to implement BaaN IVc2 ERP, and Ed was hired to join an application development team of five as the lead developer. Together, this team implemented BaaN from scratch in eight months, which helped Safety 1st realize their most successful quarter ever! Ed was personally responsible for the development of over fifteen hundred BaaN Sessions, four separate VBA applications that interfaced with BaaN, and performing a data conversion of over thirty thousand open sales orders.

[More Info] [safety1st.com]


12/1994 – 10/1997

DSA Software had a comprehensive Warehouse Management product that featured state of the art RF capabilities, something that was unique in the WMS market at the time. One area where they fell short however was EDI. In 1997, EDI was the main line of communication for two or more business to exchange electronic documents (i.e. electronic purchase orders, sales orders, inventory adjustments, etc.,). DSA did not have an EDI product, which was a major shortcoming in their product suite.

DSA hired Ed specifically to develop an EDI product line. Ed was personally responsible for all aspects of the software development cycle. In eight months, Ed conceived, designed, and developed a complete SQL based EDI system for the distribution industry, using Foxpro 2.6 for DOS. This system was configurable and allowed for the addition of nine different transaction sets. Through the remainder of his tenure at DSA Ed implemented this EDI system at five major clients, and setup relationships with over twenty different trading partners including Pillsbury, Heinz, and Dial Corp. This system is still in use today.

[More Info] [dsasoft.com]

Work History

Fallon Health


Merged with WebSense in 11/2007

Fast Software Solutions

Noblestar Systems Corporation

Safety 1st

DSA Software


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Microsoft Certified Professional

Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX Developers

MS in Computer Science, concentration in Software Engineering and Project Management

Siebel 2000 Certified Consultant Certification

BaaN Tools/Development I and II Certification

BS in Computer Science, concentration in Mathematics

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Ed Suyer



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